Leadership Coaching Client Results

Representative Leadership Coaching Clients

Leadership Coaching Testimonial

"Urs has developed a strong framework for leadership coaching that allows for thoughtful and practical peer and personal feedback that is able to be immediately applied throughout the session. His program is designed for actionable results, using continual feedback loops and working team and stakeholder sessions. Urs is a great teacher as well as a leadership coach and expert, focusing his clients on their strengths and areas of improvement through interesting, supportive and challenging coaching techniques."
Sally Hulsman, Customer Engagement and Business Systems Manager,

"Urs and I had the opportunity to meet some challenges together for a six month period of time. His approach to executive coaching is very open so that it is visible to all. This is approach is key success. The experience can be very humbling and educational. During the process Urs gave genuine feedback with quality coaching strategies. He is a coach who cares and still achieves the desired tangible results. I learned a great deal from the experience."
Bryan Eppler, Director of Strategic Initiatives,
University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"Urs is an excellent coach. His approach is relevant and effective. Collecting honest feedback from several critical stakeholders, requiring actionable behavior changes and frequent check-ins kept the process on track and moving forward. His coaching methodology was both challenging and rewarding."
Priscilla Armstrong, VP of Logistics & Growth,

"Urs has provided coaching services for two executives in our organization. His results-based, stakeholder-involved process allows his client to have buy-in, feedback and support from those who can influence the successful behavior change for the individual receiving coaching. It works!"
Lindsay Geyer, VP of Human Resources,
Port Blakely Companies

"The element I most appreciate [about Urs] was the "get-after-it" approach and attitude. I envisioned an experience that would feel like an outdoor adventure, cool travel or a physical effort that satisfied in its accomplishment. I was not disappointed! My experience . . . was not one that felt repetitive or like I was trapped in a formula. It was fluid, sincere, energizing and felt like an adventure - a positive journey worth taking."
David Tye, Vice President of Operations,
Equity Office Properties Seattle, WA

"Urs has helped me with my professional development. He is a no nonsense coach who gets results. I've enjoyed my time with Urs and appreciate all his hard work in helping me reach my goals."
Duane Evans, VP Forestry Operations,
Port Blakely Tree Farms

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